Julian Light Operatic Society

Light Opera in Ealing for the enjoyment of all.

JLOS Auditions

We hold open auditions for our main show of the year normaly in May or June. Both company members and non-members are invited to try for principal parts by singing and acting pre-arranged pieces of the show to be performed.The selecting panel comprises the director, musical director and a member of the company. Our usual accompanist Jan Cunningham provides musical backing.

Auditions are publicised on social media at least one month before, and audition pieces are announced at least 2 weeks before.

Princess Ida 2016 Sacharissa in Ida 16 Hilarian in Ida 16

Joining the Group

Successful candidates who are not members of the group will be invited to join, and hopefully will stay for future productions. A reduced subscription of £13/month will be payable up to the first show.

Forthcoming Concert - Trial La Law

Auditions for the concert next February will take place on Thursday 16th November 2023 at 8.30pm, at Haven Green Baptist Church Halls, Ealing. They are for Trial by Jury only.

Trial by Jury is a short, hilarious piece about a love match gone wrong. When the beautiful Angelina is jilted by the fickle Edwin, she decides to assert her legal rights and take him to court - but the trial risks being undermined by an overly affectionate jury, an usher unable to keep order, and a judge who is, perhaps, not over-wise...

concert 24 auditions poster
Chorus in Ida 16

Trial-La-Law Auditions

All you need to do is prepare a song from the list of suggested pieces below - there won't be any dialogue in the audition as Trial is sung-through!

Because the show originally only has one female part, we will be casting most of the roles gender-blind. To reflect that roles can be sung at different octaves than written, we've classified the ranges as "high" (soprano or tenor), "middle" (mezzo or baritone), and "low" (alto or bass) in the cast breakdown below.


The Judge (middle)

Angelina, the Plaintiff (high)

Edwin, the Defendant (high)

Counsel for the Plaintiff (middle)

Usher (low)

Foreman of the Jury (low)

Audition Pieces

When I, Good Friends, Was Called to the Bar(Judge) (verses 1-3 only)

Comes the Broken Flower(Plaintiff) (start at bar 74, p.34 of the attached)

Oh Gentlemen, Listen I Pray(Defendant) (first verse only)

May It Please You, My Lud(Counsel) (pp.40-44 only)

Now Jurymen, Hear My Advice(Usher) - (also sing for the Foreman please)