Julian Light Operatic Society

Light Opera in Ealing for the enjoyment of all.

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The Julian Light Operatic Society has been producing shows in West London for 71 years. Our guiding principle is to provide an opportunity for everyone and anyone to come and take part, almost always in the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan, and for audiences to enjoy the results.

In recent years, our annual productions have had excellent reviews and a clutch of awards from NODA, the National Operatic and Dramatic Association.

But, as with so many other activities, costs rise year by year. We now need £15,000 to put on every show and for a non-profit charity like us, making the books balance becomes more and more difficult.

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Please make a donation if you can

Our only income comes from members' subscriptions, ticket sales and the generosity of our friends and supporters. It also comes from other activities, like our one-night Spring show on a musical theme in April and a quiz or two. You can email inform@julianoperatic.org for details of all future events.

It is important to us to keep subs and ticket prices as low as possible to ensure the widest possible access and we now do need to raise more funds to help make the next seventy years as successful as the last.

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Become a Friend

If you enjoy what we do, and consider it worthwhile, why not become a Friend. For a minimum annual donation, you will not only be supporting us finnacially, but you will also be entitled to have your support recognized.

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You will receive a free glass of wine at both our Spring Concert and Main Show, and your name will be listed in both events programmes if you wish. Visit our Friends page for more information.

Sponsor Us

If you are active in the arts community or even looking to get your name across to hundreds of people over one or more years, sponsoring us is always an option. You will be helping the local commmunity and supporting the arts, so why not give it a try. Please contact us, by clicking here.